Personal Info

  • Employee Name: Jonathan Beck
  • Job Title: Mechanical Insulator – Journeyman
  • Employee Number: 3945-5062387
  • Company ID: hudson-bay-insulation
  • Company Division: Missoula

Emergency Contact

  • Emergency Contact: Nellie Beck
  • Emergency Phone: +14063703233

Non-Emergency First Aid Response

  • On-Site Health & Safety: (866) 998-2750
    • Washington - Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Yakima, Pullman
    • Oregon - Portland, Eugene
    • Idaho - Coeur d'Alene
  • For areas not listed above, please utilize an Urgent Care Clinic nearest to your location.

Safety Contacts

Title Name Phone Email Location
*Safety Director* Chris Jenkins (206) 730-6273 Washington
*Safety Coordinator* Jennifer Moreau (253) 514-7019 Washington
Insulation Project Foreman Travis Wenrick (206) 601-5009 Washington
Insulation Project Foreman Ron Fleming (206) 379-6662 Washington
Insulation Superintendent Chris Borodenko (206) 379-4133 Washington
Insulation Project Manager Sydney Brown (360) 601-1840 Washington
Firestop Superintendent Joel Craig Jr. (206) 348-5387 Washington
FIrestop Project Foreman Joey Pinote (206) 571-0002 Washington
Carpenter General Foreman Juan Luevano (206) 637-4017 Washington
Firestop Project Manager Kristi Kludsikofsky (206) 348-2603 Washington
Delivery Driver Nate Juen (206) 482-2389 Washington
HR Administrator Crystal Loeffelbein (206) 763-9484 Washington
Portland Superintendent James Craig (503) 867-5582 Oregon
Firestop Project Forman Mike Caudle (503) 713-8242 Oregon
Insulation Project Forman Kasey Krause (360) 921-7601 Oregon
Insulation Project Manager/Estimator Brandon Russell (208) 821-1872 Oregon
Insulation Superintendent Mark Felsman (406) 214-1859 Montana / Inland Empire
Insulation Project Forman Don Henkins (406) 529-4397 Montana / Inland Empire
Firestop Project Forman Paul Russell (509) 216-6555 Montana / Inland Empire
Insulation Project Forman Chris Clark (509) 531-4224 Tri-Cities
Insulation Project Manager Colin Sears (406) 794-4962 Montana / Inland Empire

General Information

  • Hire Date: 2023-06-26
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +14065469934


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Drug Testing Verification 06/26/2023
Electrical Safety 06/26/2023
Ergonomics Stretch & Flex 06/26/2023
Fall Protection Training 06/26/2023
Fire Prevention Protection 06/26/2023
Harassment Training 06/26/2023
HazCom/SDS 06/26/2023
Hearing Protection 06/26/2023
Heat Stress Training 06/26/2023
Ladder Training 06/26/2023
Lockout/ Tagout 06/26/2023
Personal Protective Equipment 06/26/2023
Pre Task Planning (PTP) 06/26/2023

Learndash Certifications





List of Uploaded Documents

Document NameDocument File
Armaflex 520 Adhesive SDS Armaflex-520-Black-Adhesive-SDS-1.pdf
Knauf Earthwool SDS Knauf-Earthwool-SDS-1.pdf
Johns Manville Micro-Lok HP SDS Johns-Manville-Micro-Lok-HP-SDS-1.pdf
Owens Corning FG PC SDS Owens-Corning-FG-PC-SDS-1.pdf
FOAMGLAS® Insulation SDS FOAMGLAS®-Insulation-SDS-1.pdf
Johns Manville Cal Sil SDS Johns-Manville-Cal-Sil-SDS-1.pdf
Rockwool Mineral Wool SDS Rockwool-Mineral-Wool-SDS-1.pdf
Kingspan Polyisocyanurate Foam SDS Kingspan-Polyisocyanurate-Foam-SDS-1.pdf
Johns Manville Trymer 2000 XP SDS Johns-Manville-Trymer-2000-XP-SDS.pdf
Elfoam Polyisocyanurate Foam SDS Elfoam-Polyisocyanurate-Foam-SDS.pdf
Armaflex SDS Armaflex-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex Self Adhereing SDS Armaflex-Self-Adhereing-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex WB Finish SDS Armaflex-WB-Finish-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex 520 Black Adhesive SDS Armaflex-520-Black-Adhesive-SDS-1.pdf
Arma-Chek Mastic SDS Arma-Chek-Mastic-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex LOW VOC STA'-PUT SP80 Caniser Adhesive SDS Armaflex-LOW-VOC-STA-PUT-SP80-Caniser-Adhesive-SDS.pdf
APC 79 SDS APC-79-SDS-1.pdf
Bostik Chem Calk 915 SDS Bostik-Chem-Calk-915-SDS-1.pdf
CP-38 SDS CP-38-SDS-1.pdf
CP-45 SDS CP-45-SDS-1.pdf
CP-70 SDS CP-70-SDS-1.pdf
CP-76 SDS CP-76-SDS-1.pdf
Fosters SPARK-FAS 85-70 SDS Fosters-SPARK-FAS-85-70-SDS.pdf
Fosters 95-44 SDS Fosters-95-44-SDS.pdf
Tuff Bond Hangar Adhesive SDS Tuff-Bond-Hangar-Adhesive-SDS-1.pdf
CalBond Calstick SDS CalBond-Calstick-SDS-1.pdf
CalCoat 127 SDS CalCoat-127-SDS-1.pdf
Manus Bond 75 AM SDS Manus-Bond-75-AM-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 11-02 SDS MEI-11-02-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-15 SDS MEI-22-15-LOW-VOC-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-15 LOW VOC SDS MEI-22-15-LOW-VOC-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-15 NO VOC SDS MEI-22-15-NO-VOC-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-18 SDS MEI-22-18-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 55-40 SDS MEI-55-40-SDS.pdf
MEI 55-80 SDS MEI-55-80-SDS-1.pdf
Polyguard RG 2400 LT SDS Polyguard-RG-2400-LT-SDS-1.pdf
Proto PVC Glue (Clear) SDS Proto-PVC-Glue-Clear-SDS-1.pdf
Proto PVC Glue (White) SDS Proto-PVC-Glue-White-SDS-2.pdf
Sikaflex 1A SDS Vimasco-739-Brush-Seal-SDS-1.pdf
Vimasco 739 Brush Seal SDS Vimasco-739-Brush-Seal-SDS-1.pdf
Vimasco 749 VaporBlok SDS Vimasco-749-VaporBlok-SDS-1.pdf
Xtrabond 150 SDS Xtrabond-150-SDS-1.pdf
Zeston PVC Glue (Clear) SDS Zeston-PVC-Glue-Clear-SDS-1.pdf
Zeston PVC Glue (White) SDS Zeston-PVC-Glue-White-SDS-1.pdf
Versi-Foam Systems SDS Versi-Foam-Systems-SDS.pdf
DAP Extreme Stretch Acryslic Urethane SDS DAP-Extreme-Stretch-Acryslic-Urethane-SDS.pdf
DP-77 SDS DP-77-SDS.pdf
Foster 30-80 SDS Foster-30-80-SDS.pdf
M1 Caulk SDS M1-Caulk-SDS.pdf
Rustoleum 2X Painters Touch Aluminum SDS Rustoleum-2X-Painters-Touch-Aluminum-SDS.pdf
Rustoleum 2X Painters Touch Flat Black SDS Rustoleum-2X-Painters-Touch-Flat-Black-SDS.pdf
Rustoleum 2X Painters Touch Semi Gloss White SDS Rustoleum-2X-Painters-Touch-Semi-Gloss-White-SDS.pdf
3M 1003 SL SDS 3M-1003-SL-SDS.pdf
3M CP-25WB SDS 3M-CP-25WB-SDS.pdf
3M Endothermic Mat E-5A-4, E-54A, E-54C SDS 3M-Endothermic-Mat-ES-5A-10-SDS.pdf
3M Endothermic Mat ES-5A-10 SDS 3M-Endothermic-Mat-ES-5A-10-SDS.pdf
3M Expantrol Flexible Intumescent Strip AIS 3M-Expantrol-Flexible-Intumescent-Strip-AIS.pdf
3M FD 150 SDS 3M-FD-150-SDS.pdf
3M Fire Barrier 2000 Silicone Sealant SDS 3M-Fire-Barrier-2000-Silicone-Sealant-SDS.pdf
3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ AIS 3M-Fire-Barrier-Duct-Wrap-615-AIS.pdf
3M Fire Barrier WT 3000 SDS 3M-Fire-Barrier-WT-3000-SDS.pdf
3M FireDam Spray 200 Gray SDS 3M-FireDam-Spray-200-Gray-SDS.pdf
3M FireDam Spray 200 Red SDS 3M-FireDam-Spray-200-Red-SDS.pdf
3M IC-15 SDS 3M-IC-15-SDS.pdf
3M Mortar SDS 3M-Mortar-SDS.pdf
3M Pass Through Device AIS 3M-Pass-Through-Device-AIS.pdf
3M Pillow SDS 3M-Putty-Sleeves-SDS.pdf
3M Putty Pad SDS 3M-Putty-Pad-SDS.pdf
3M Putty Sleeves SDS 3M-Putty-Sleeves-SDS.pdf
3M Putty Stix Moldable SDS 3M-Putty-Stix-Moldable-SDS.pdf
3M SS 100 SDS 3M-SS-100-SDS.pdf
3M Tuck In Wrap Strips AIS 3M-Tuck-In-Wrap-Strips-AIS.pdf
3M Ultra GS Wrap Strip AIS 3M-Ultra-GS-Wrap-Strip-AIS.pdf
3M Wrap Strip FS-195+ AIS 3M-Wrap-Strip-FS-195-AIS.pdf
Hilti CFS-BL Firestop Block MIS Hilti-CFS-BL-Firestop-Block-MIS.pdf
Hilti CFS-S Sil SDS Hilti-CFS-S-Sil-SDS.pdf
Hilti CFS-SP WB Firestop Joint Spray SDS Hilti-CFS-SP-WB-Firestop-Joint-Spray-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 506 SDS Hilti-CP-506-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 572 SDS Hilti-CP-572-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 606 - SDS Hilti-CP-606-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 617 Putty Pad Stick -Roll SDS Hilti-CP-617-Putty-Pad-Stick-Roll-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 620 SDS Hilti-CP-620-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 637 Mortar SDS Hilti-CP-637-Mortar-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 643 N Collar MIS Hilti-CP-643-N-Collar-MIS.pdf
Hilti CP 648 Wrap Strip MIS Hilti-CP-648-Wrap-Strip-MIS.pdf
Hilti CP 653 Speed Sleeve MIS Hilti-CP-653-Speed-Sleeve-MIS.pdf
Hilti CP 675 T-Board MIS Hilti-CP-675-T-Board-MIS.pdf
Hilti Firestop Box Insert MIS Hilti-Firestop-Box-Insert-MIS.pdf
Hilti FS One MAX SDS Hilti-FS-One-MAX-SDS.pdf
Cafco 300 SDS Cafco-300-SDS.pdf
Pecora BA-98-SDS Pecora-BA-98-SDS.pdf
Prosoco R-Guard Cat 5 SDS Prosoco-R-Guard-Cat-5-SDS.pdf
Sikaflex 15 LM SDS Sikaflex-15-LM-SDS.pdf
STI AS200 Elastomeric Spray SDS STI-AS200-Elastomeric-Spray-SDS.pdf
STI BLU Wrap Strip SDS STI-BLU-Wrap-Strip-SDS.pdf
STI BLU2 Wrap Strip SDS STI-BLU2-Wrap-Strip-SDS.pdf
STI Composite Sheet SDS STI-Composite-Sheet-SDS.pdf
STI ES Elastomeric SDS STI-ES-Elastomeric-SDS.pdf
STI EZ Path Series 22 SDS STI-EZ-Path-Series-22-SDS.pdf
STI EZ Path Series 33 SDS STI-EZ-Path-Series-33-SDS.pdf
STI EZ Path Series 44+SDS STI-EZ-Path-Series-44SDS.pdf
STI FP Intumescent Plug SDS STI-FP-Intumescent-Plug-SDS.pdf
STI LC Endothermic SDS STI-LC-Endothermic-SDS.pdf
STI LCC Intumescent Collars SDS STI-LCC-Intumescent-Collars-SDS.pdf
STI Mortar SDS STI-Mortar-SDS.pdf
STI Pillows SDS STI-Pillows-SDS.pdf
STI Putty & Putty Pads Putty SDS STI-Putty-Putty-Pads-Putty-SDS.pdf
STI RTC Collars SDS STI-RTC-Collars-SDS.pdf
STI Smoke 'N' Sound SDS STI-Smoke-N-Sound-SDS.pdf
STI SpecSeal Series SSS STI-SpecSeal-Series-SSS.pdf
STI Speedflex Top Gasket SDS STI-Speedflex-Top-Gasket-SDS.pdf
STI SSC Collars SDS STI-SSC-Collars-SDS.pdf
STI Wrap Strips RED Wrap SDS STI-Wrap-Strips-RED-Wrap-SDS.pdf
STI Wrap Strips RED2 SDS STI-Wrap-Strips-RED2-SDS.pdf
Thermafiber Safing - SDS Thermafiber-Safing-SDS.pdf
Proto PVC SDS Proto-PVC-SDS.pdf
Zeston 2000 PVC SDS Zeston-2000-PVC-SDS.pdf
SDS-TPSX-12-Calcium-Silicate-Insulation SDS-TPSX-12-Calcium-Silicate-Insulation.pdf
TPSX-12-Product-Data-Sheet-7-20 TPSX-12-Product-Data-Sheet-7-20.pdf
Dowsil 795 - White SDS Dowsil-795-White-SDS.pdf
Dowsil 791 - Black SDS Dowsil-791-Black-SDS.pdf
Dowsil 790 - Limestone SDS Dowsil-790-Limestone-SDS.pdf
DuPont Froth-Pak 620 Sealant SDS DuPont-Froth-Pak-620-Sealant-SDS.pdf

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If you don't know your password, try the default password of HBI2024

If you don't know your password, try the default password of HBI2024

If you don't know your password, try the default password of "HBI 2024

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